This recorded Fraud Awareness Briefing provides useful information to assist in preventing common fraud schemes found in grantee programs. The briefing aims to foster a dialogue with staff and to engender suggestions for ways to help protect your program from fraud in order to maintain the positive reputation your program has deservedly earned.

Fraud Awareness Briefings (FAB) are presented by LSC OIG investigative staff and cover topics such as: who commits fraud; what conditions create an environment conducive to fraud; how can fraud be prevented or detected; and what to do if fraud is suspected.

FABs highlight that a number of LSC-funded programs have been victimized by frauds involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in one case the diversion of over a million dollars in grant funds.

FABs describe common types of fraud, with particular focus on the various schemes perpetrated against LSC grantees and conditions that helped facilitate the losses.

The FAB webinar is also divided by topic and can be viewed in segments below:

Slides 1-7: LSC OIG Introduction

Slides 8-15: Payroll and Accounting Fraud

Slides 16-21: Time and Attendance and Travel Fraud

Slides 22-27: Revenue and Credit Card Fraud

Slides 28-30: Outside Practice, Outside Employment, and Client Diversion

Slides 31-36: Regulatory Violations and Conflicts of Interest

Slides 37-41: Hotline and Additional Resources


The FAB slides are here for your use.


If you have any questions concerning this Fraud Awareness Briefing, please contact Dan O'Rourke, Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, LSC OIG, at 202-295-1651, or at The LSC OIG's fraud hotline telephone numbers are 800-678-8868 (toll free) and 202-295-1670; our email address is; our fax number is 202-337-7155.