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The OIG has recorded a Cybercrimes Fraud Awareness presentation to inform grantees of the types of cyber-attacks that have targeted LSC grantees since 2018. The presentation provides grantees with best practices for preventing and detecting similar cyber-attacks and suggestions for responding to the cyber-attacks if they do impact your program. 
IntroductionThe LSC-OIG has seen an increase in cyber threats targeting LSC grantee programs since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the OIG has produced several resources to inform grantees of the pending threats which aim to assist grantees in preventing, detecting, and reporting the cyber threats.Please find links to the cyber threat resources below:LSC-OIG Cyber Security PresentationsCyber Fraud Risk Briefing — Business Email Compromise:     Download Business Email Compromise Presentation slides Video — Stay Safe: Protect Your IT Systems From Vulnerabilities:  Download…
The OIG has been investigating check fraud scams affecting grantees for nearly a decade. However, of late, these scams have been occurring more frequently and have become more sophisticated.