Corporate Governance is a system of controls encompassing policies, processes, and people which support corporate direction and successful operational performance. Effective governance and risk management processes help ensure the financial and organizational health of an organization. At the Legal Services Corporation, corporate governance is set at the top by the Board of Directors and the LSC management team. Through its oversight activities, the OIG monitors and helps prevent and reduce the occurrence of financial and organizational risks and enhance LSC and its grant recipients' good stewardship of resources. This page provides valuable materials from various oversight entities that will assist LSC with its governance, controls and risk management program.


LSC Strategic Plan Considerations — OIG Comments 2021-2025 


Comments on the Updating of the LSC Risk Management Program. 07/19/2013 

Resources referenced in the Memorandum:


OIG Comments on LSC Draft Strategic Plan 2012 - 2016 


LSC Board Operations and Regulations Committee:


Executive Directors of LSC Grantees:

Recommended Reading for LSC Grantee Executive Directors and Board Members:


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