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Notes for Auditors of LSC Recipients:

Notice: We are now accepting Summary Report Forms for audits with fiscal year ends of 12/31/17 to 11/30/2018.

The Summary Report Form (SRF) is designed to be filled out on-line by the independent auditor and transmitted to the LSC OIG after the audit is completed. Below are the links to complete and submit the SRF along with helpful items including instructions, a sample paper-based SRF, and the Legend of Noncompliance and Reportable Conditions Codes.  The SRF application also includes additional pop-up instructions under the question mark buttons. 

You are urged to read the instructions, print out and manually complete the Sample SRF so that you will be prepared to enter the required data on-line (you have less than 4 hours after starting the SRF to complete the on-line application). The LSC OIG will not accept the hard copy SRF, it must be submitted through this web site (not e-mail).

At the LSC OIG, we are committed to assisting you in completing and submitting the SRF.  If you are experiencing difficulty completing the SRF or require further assistance, please e-mail the LSC OIG at or call 202 295 1671.

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