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  Updated: 23 April 2015

Advisory Bulletin on Conflict of Interest Policy. [PDF] 04/2015

Advisory Bulletin on Grantees' Prompt Reporting of Potential Fraud Indicators. [PDF] 04/2015

Advisory Bulletin on Controlling Employee Benefit Costs. [PDF 609K] 11/2012

Timekeeping and Travel Fraud Presentation. [PDF 480K] 12/2011
Podcast of the presentation.[MP3 22.7MB](Audio only).

Advisory Bulletin on Recent Developments Regarding Fraudulent Activity Involving Checking Accounts at LSC-Funded Programs [PDF 1,082K] 01/2012
Check Fraud Attachment [PDF 2,556K]

How to Prevent and Detect Fraudulent Travel and Timekeeping Submissions. [PDF 720K] 09/2011

Employee Theft of Cash. [PDF 946K] 03/2011

How to Prevent Computer Laptop Theft or Loss. [PDF 110K] 04/2009

Preventing Employee Embezzlement; New Hotline Poster; Improving Communications and Customer Service. [PDF 140K] 12/2008
• Download: Hotline Poster. [PDF 60K]

Employee Theft of Fees Paid by Clients. [PDF 85K] 07/2008
• Link to AICPA/ACFE video: Fraud and the Tone at the Top.
• Link to Tone at the Top: How Management Can Prevent Fraud in the Workplace [PDF 105K]

December 2006 Fraud Alert. [PDF 108K] 12/2006
• Link to: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners' 2004 Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud and Abuse.

Advisory Bulletin on How to Protect Your Organization from Internal Thefts. [PDF 110K] 09/2005

URL: http://www.oig.lsc.gov/fraud/fraud.htm
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